Peace Concerts

Sri Chinmoy offered 777 Peace concerts1, always free of charge, to over half a million people around the globe. The largest concert was in Montreal with 19,000 in attendance2.

Concerts at Sacred Venues

Some selected peace concerts at sacred venues around the world.

Sri Chinmoy Kamakura

Sri Chinmoy at Kamakura Buddha

  • Sep 24, 1987 – Kamakura Buddha, Kotoku-In Temple / Kamakura, Japan (first of several performances), The Great Buddha Statue of Japan
  • Oct 12, 1987 Westminster Abbey / London, England
  • Oct 13, 1995 St. Peter’s Basilica / The Vatican
  • Mar 10, 1989 Il Duomo Santa Maria del Fiore / Florence, Italy
  • Jun 24, 1989 Cathedral of Notre Dame / Paris, France
  • Dec 25, 2003 – Borobudur / Java, Indonesia, Renowned Buddhist monument; one of the wonders of the world; UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the largest Buddhist temple worldwide

Concerts at Man Made and Natural Wonders

  • Oct 17, 2004 Niagara Falls / Prospect Point, Niagara Falls, NY
  • Jan 11, 2005 – Great Wall of China / Bedaling Section near Beijing, China
  • Jan 15, 2005 Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warrior Museum / Xian,

In a peace concert, Sri Chinmoy would perform his own meditative compositions on a dozen or more instruments from diverse range of cultures. His favourite instruments included the Indian Esraj, the flute, and piano / synthesizer.

His songs which number over 20,000 gave voice, in their lyrics and melodies, to the full range of aspiring human experience.

Listen to Sri Chinmoy’s Peace Concerts

Videos of Peace Concerts

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